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Authors: Mithaiwala M J, and Horton W.
Title: Substorm injections produce sufficient electron energization to account for MeV flux enhancements following some storms
Abstract: One of the main questions concerning radiation belt research is the origin of very high energy (>1 MeV) electrons following many space storms. Under the hypothesis that the plasma sheet electron population is the source of these electrons, which are convected to the outer radiation belt region during substorms, we estimate the flux of particles generated at geosynchronous orbit. We use the test particle method of following guiding center electrons as they drift in the electromagnetic fields during substorm dipolarization. The dipolarization pulse model electromagnetic fields are taken from the Li et al. (1998) substorm particle injection model. We find that a substorm dipolarization can produce enough electrons within geosynchronous orbit to account for the electrons seen following storms.. . .
Date: 07/2005 Publisher: Journal of Geophysical Research DOI: 10.1029/2004JA010511 Available at:
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