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Authors: Yetemen Omer, Istanbulluoglu Erkan, Flores-Cervantes Homero, Vivoni Enrique R., and Bras Rafael L.
Title: Ecohydrologic role of solar radiation on landscape evolution
Abstract: Solar radiation has a clear signature on the spatial organization of ecohydrologic fluxes, vegetation patterns and dynamics, and landscape morphology in semiarid ecosystems. Existing landscape evolution models (LEMs) do not explicitly consider spatially explicit solar radiation as model forcing. Here, we improve an existing LEM to represent coupled processes of energy, water, and sediment balance for semiarid fluvial catchments. To ground model predictions, a study site is selected in central New Mexico where hillslope aspect has a marked influence on vegetation patterns and landscape morphology. Model predictions are corroborated using limited field observations in central NM and other locations with similar conditions. We design a set of comparative LEM simulations to investigate the rol. . .
Date: 02/2015 Publisher: Water Resources Research Pages: 1127 - 1157 DOI: 10.1002/wrcr.v51.210.1002/2014WR016169 Available at:
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