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Submitted on: 2013-08-13 16:36:08

Submitted by: Allison Jaynes

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Evolution of relatvistic outer belt electrons during extended quiescent period

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Jaynes, Allison; Li, Xinlin; Schiller, Q; Blum, L; Tu, W; Malaspina, D; Turner, D; Baker, D.; Kanekal, S.; Blake, B.; Wygant, J.

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LASP, University of Colorado - Boulder

Project Description
To effectively study loss due to precipitation of relativistic electron fluxes in the radiation belt, it is necessary to isolate this loss from the Dst effect and magnetopause shadowing by studying loss during a time of relatively quiet geomagnetic activity. We present a study of the slow decay of 200 keV - 2 MeV electron populations in the outer radiation belt during an extended quiescent period from ~ 15 Dec 2012 - 10 Jan 2013, wherein Dst never extended below -25 nT. We incorporate particle measurements from the Relativistic Electron and Proton Telescope integrated little experiment (REPTile) onboard the Colorado Student Space Weather Experiment (CSSWE) CubeSat with measurements from the Relativistic Electron Proton Telescope (REPT) and the Magnetic Electron Ion Spectrometer (MagEIS) on the Van Allen Probes twin spacecraft to understand the evolution of the electron populations across pitch angle and energy. First, we present REPTile measurements of the precipitating populations (along with trapped & quasi

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