Dynamics of Radiation Belt Particles

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TitleDynamics of Radiation Belt Particles
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsUkhorskiy, AY, Sitnov, MI
JournalSpace Science Reviews
Date Published11/2013
KeywordsRBSP; Van Allen Probes
AbstractThis paper reviews basic concepts of particle dynamics underlying theoretical aspect of radiation belt modeling and data analysis. We outline the theory of adiabatic invariants of quasiperiodic Hamiltonian systems and derive the invariants of particle motion trapped in the radiation belts. We discuss how the nonlinearity of resonant interaction of particles with small-amplitude plasma waves, ubiquitous across the inner magnetosphere, can make particle motion stochastic. Long-term evolution of a stochastic system can be described by the Fokker-Plank (diffusion) equation. We derive the kinetic equation of particle diffusion in the invariant space and discuss its limitations and associated challenges which need to be addressed in forthcoming radiation belt models and data analysis.
Short TitleSpace Sci Rev

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