Radiation Belt Storm Probes Ion Composition Experiment (RBSPICE)

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TitleRadiation Belt Storm Probes Ion Composition Experiment (RBSPICE)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMitchell, DG, Lanzerotti, LJ, Kim, CK, Stokes, M, Ho, G, Cooper, S, UKHORSKIY, A, Manweiler, JW, Jaskulek, S, Haggerty, DK, Brandt, P, SITNOV, M, Keika, K, Hayes, JR, Brown, LE, Gurnee, RS, Hutcheson, JC, Nelson, KS, Paschalidis, N, Rossano, E, Kerem, S
JournalSpace Science Reviews
Date Published11/2013
KeywordsRBSP; Van Allen Probes
AbstractThe Radiation Belt Storm Probes Ion Composition Experiment (RBSPICE) on the two Van Allen Probes spacecraft is the magnetosphere ring current instrument that will provide data for answering the three over-arching questions for the Van Allen Probes Program: RBSPICE will determine “how space weather creates the storm-time ring current around Earth, how that ring current supplies and supports the creation of the radiation belt populations,” and how the ring current is involved in radiation belt losses. RBSPICE is a time-of-flight versus total energy instrument that measures ions over the energy range from ∼20 keV to ∼1 MeV. RBSPICE will also measure electrons over the energy range ∼25 keV to ∼1 MeV in order to provide instrument background information in the radiation belts. A description of the instrument and its data products are provided in this chapter.
Short TitleSpace Sci Rev

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