Trapping waves in Earth's plasmasphere

TitleTrapping waves in Earth's plasmasphere
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBetz, EO
JournalEos, Transactions American Geophysical Union
Pagination472 - 472
Date Published12/2014
Keywordsmagnetosonic waves; Van Allen Probes; wave excitation; wave propagation
AbstractEarth's magnetic field traps donut-shaped bands of radiation in a belt around the planet that react to solar eruptions by growing and shrinking. The Van Allen belts consist of two rings filled with particles from the solar wind and cosmic rays. Within the outer ring of the Van Allen belt sits the plasmasphere, which is the innermost part of the planet's magnetic field and home to low-energy charged particles.
Short TitleEos Trans. AGU

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