Wave-particle interactions in the outer radiation belts

TitleWave-particle interactions in the outer radiation belts
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsAgapitov, OV, Mozer, FS, Artemyev, AV, Mourenas, D, Krasnoselskikh, VV
JournalAdvances in Astronomy and Space Physics
Date Published12/2015
Other NumbersarXiv:1512.01863
Keywordsplasma waves and instabilities; Radiation belts; Van Allen Probes; wave-particle interaction
AbstractData from the Van Allen Probes have provided the first extensive evidence of non-linear (as opposed to quasi-linear) wave-particle interactions in space, with the associated rapid (fraction of a bounce period) electron acceleration, to hundreds of keV by Landau resonance, in the parallel electric fields of time domain structures (TDS) and very oblique chorus waves. The experimental evidence, simulations, and theories of these processes are discussed.

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