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File: VanAllenProbes Decal2012_Transparent Bkgrd.png, Size: 508 KB, Uploaded by: Giuseppe Romeo, Uploaded on: 2013-08-15 15:10:21. File Description: Van Allen Transparent Background

File: VanAllenProbes Decal2012_BlackBkgrd.jpg, Size: 534 KB, Uploaded by: Giuseppe Romeo, Uploaded on: 2013-08-14 16:00:02. File Description: Van Allen Probes Black Background

File: VanAllenProbes Decal2012_WhiteBkgrd.jpg, Size: 554 KB, Uploaded by: Giuseppe Romeo, Uploaded on: 2013-08-15 15:14:07. File Description: Van Allen White Background

File: OBRIEN_AGUF12_RPS_SOC_Poster.pdf, Size: 1 MB, Uploaded by: Paul O'Brien, Uploaded on: 2013-01-29 08:50:02. File Description: RPS SOC Poster by Paul O'Brien et al., presented at Fall AGU Meeting, December, 2012

File: SAMPE_Spring_2011_RBSP_Solar_Array_Substrates_final.pdf, Size: 2 MB, Uploaded by: Patricia Higgs, Uploaded on: 2013-12-06 14:00:22. File Description: DEVELOPMENT OF SOLAR ARRAY SUBSTRATES FOR THE RBSP SPACECRAFT

File: Mauk_AGU_Dec12_SM32A-02_Convection.pdf, Size: 3 MB, Uploaded by: Barry Mauk, Uploaded on: 2013-01-27 14:44:36. File Description: Presentation at special session on inner magnetosphere at the December 2012 AGU meeting in San Francisco. Mauk, B. H. Global convection in Earth’s middle-to-inner magnetosphere; An outstanding mystery targeted by the Van Allen Probes mission.

File: RBSP and MassDensity - SWG copy.pdf, Size: 3 MB, Uploaded by: KYUNGGUK MIN, Uploaded on: 2013-03-04 12:36:27. File Description: Van Allen Probes SWG presentation (Feb 2013) entitled "Van Allen Probes and Mass Density Monitoring" by Kyungguk Min

File: Mauk_AGU_RBSP_04Dec11.ppt, Size: 4 MB, Uploaded by: Tom Sotirelis, Uploaded on: 2013-01-23 16:51:05. File Description: Untangling complex processes within Earth’s radiation belts with the Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) mission. Barry Mauk, Nicola Fox, David Sibeck, Shrikanth Kanekal, Joseph Grebowsky, Ramona Kessel Presented at 2011 Fall AGU

File: SWG_MacDonald_injections.pptx, Size: 6 MB, Uploaded by: Elizabeth MacDonald, Uploaded on: 2013-03-04 15:41:15. File Description: SWG presentations

File: Kurth_Van-AGU-2012a.pdf, Size: 6 MB, Uploaded by: Bill Kurth, Uploaded on: 2013-02-01 15:50:40. File Description: Fall 2012 AGU Poster by Kurth et al.

File: Stephens_TS_Products.pptx, Size: 9 MB, Uploaded by: Giuseppe Romeo, Uploaded on: 2015-12-04 12:17:53. File Description: Supporting Van Allen Probes science with the TS07D magnetic field model: Nowcasting electron intensities, global magnetic field distribution, and magnetic field ephemeris

File: Ionospheric Signatures of Electron - Ion Injections.pdf, Size: 11 MB, Uploaded by: Philip Erickson, Uploaded on: 2013-03-08 13:00:56. File Description: Erickson presentation on ground signatures of 2013-02-02 electron and ion injection event seen with Van Allen Probes.

File: Baker_VAP_MMS.pptx, Size: 16 MB, Uploaded by: Giuseppe Romeo, Uploaded on: 2015-10-16 14:00:36. File Description: Dan Baker: The Pathway From Magnetic Reconnection to Ultra-Relativistic Electrons

File: Stephens_TS_Model.pptx, Size: 22 MB, Uploaded by: Giuseppe Romeo, Uploaded on: 2015-10-16 13:58:50. File Description: Grant Stephens: Advancements of the TS07D empirical magnetic field model: Increasing resolution of equatorial and Birkeland currents

File: Mauk_Formatted_Science_1_year_29Aug13_v4.pptx, Size: 64 MB, Uploaded by: Barry Mauk, Uploaded on: 2013-09-02 14:44:14. File Description: Science part of the presentation on 30 August 2013 by Barry Mauk at JHU/APL of the science findings, some preliminary and in the works, of the Van Allen Probes mission exactly 1 year after launch. Kim Cooper also gave a programmatic update, and Nicky Fox gave an overview of the science objectives and the Space Weather Broadcast system

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