Van Allen Probes Science Gateway

The Van Allen Probes mission architecture has no centralized Science Operation Center (SOC). Instead, individual instrument suites maintain their own SOCs and serve science data from those SOCs.

“Science Gateway”, which is a web site focused on the science investigation and provides a single point of entry for each instrument SOC.

The Gateway provides a series of services and tools to the scientific community. Most of these are accessible to anyone without account credential required. Others, do require the creation of an account on the Gateway.


Most of the Gateway content is available to the public without the need for an account. There are some extra features that are available only to registered users:

•Accessing some controlled data files

•Uploading files to be shared with the Van Allen Probes community

•Adding bibliographic info

•Uploading info about a Van Allen Probes related project

•Registering for SWG meetings

•Downloading data used to create user-customized plots

Page Last Modified: January 18, 2018