Van Allen Probes Data Workshop

GEM Workshop

The Van Allen Probes Mission held a Data Workshop during the 2013 GEM Workshop in Snowmass,Colorado.

The purpose of the workshop is to showcase Van Allen Probes mission and provide a forum where interested users can gain experience with working with the various datasets and tools. The workshop is divided into two sessions; an introductory session that will outline the tools and data available, followed by a "hands on" session where users will explore data from the March 17th, 2013 Geomagnetic Storm.


Session 1 - Introduction and Overview

1:30PM - 3:40PM

Time Duration Title Presenter
1:30 5 Minutes Logistics/Introduction Barnes
1:35 15 Minutes Gateway, products, tools and use Romeo/Weiss
1:50 10 Minutes Magnetic Ephemerides/Modelling Henderson/Stephens
2:00 5 Minutes Getting Data from the Gateway and SOCs Barnes
2:05 20 Minutes CDAweb McGuire
2:25 15 Minutes ECT Freidel
2:40 10 Minutes EFW Wygant
2:50 10 Minutes EMFISIS Kletzing
3:00 10 Minutes RBSPICE Manweiler
3:10 10 Minutes BARREL Millan


3:20PM - 3:40PM

Session 2 - Data Analysis

3:40PM - 5:30PM

Time Duration Title Presenter
3:40 5 Minutes 17th March Storm Overview Gkioulido
3:45 15 Minutes




4:00 15 Minutes EFW Wygant
4:15 15 Minutes EMFISIS Bounds
4:30 15 Minutes RBSPICE Manweiler/Brown
4:45 45 Minutes Discussion All












Software Requirements

We have identified a set of software tools that will be used during the workshop. These tools are available over the internet and we have supplied links in the tables below. 

Core Software Requirements

Software Version URL
Java 6+ http://http:://
IDL or IDL VM 8.2+*
CDF 3.4.1

*Requires registration, VM does not require a license.

Van Allen Probes Software

Software Version URL
Autoplot 2013A_4
Autoplot for ECT
MIDL 1.0.9


A handout for the meeting is available: