RBSP Data Workshop 2012-05-15

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RBSP Data Workshop at APL

Tuesday May 15, 2012


10:00 Introduction
10:05 Brief discussion of mission-level data products captured to date (update at end of the workshop). Includes scope discussion (e. g. cross instrument), Barnes
10:15 High-level discussion of scenarios for data use, Sibeck
10:25 Brief presentation of Baseline science operations plan for each team: EMFISIS, EFW, ECT, RPS, RBSPICE
11:00 Brief presentations on some possible non-team resources: Gateway, SPDF, VIRBO.
11:15 Project Science team will lead an interactive session asking the teams and non-team participants how they will respond to each scenario- seeking to chart routes to data access and gaps in service. Teams can respond with impromptu slide and web presentations as we go through each Data Use scenario.
2:15 Broad discussions on: What is missing? What do we need to fix? How will we fix it? Who will fix it?
3:00 Discussion / Real-time editing to updating the list of Data products that all users need (Discussion / clarification / expansion of the table on the next slide).