RBSP Science Working Group Meeting 2009-03-04

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RBSP Science Working Group Meeting at JHU/APL

Wednesday March 4, 2009


1.00 Science Session 1 - Discussion leaders Daniel Summers and John Wygant

Are non-linear interactions crucial to explaining strong energization of the relativistic electrons in the radiation belts?

2.15 Data Discussion - Discussion leader Michele Weiss

An introduction to Virtual Observatories and SPASE including a discussion on how VxOs could be used by RBSP. Also a discussion on the RBSP Data Portal, and useful tools that might be of interest to the RBSP team.

4.15 Finalizing burst plans
5.30 Adjourn

Thursday March 5, 2009


8.30 Science Session 2 - Discussion leaders Michael Schulz and Dan Baker

Is the shape of the relativistic electron distribution during storms governed by the Kennel Petschek limit?

10.00 DSX Briefing by Greg Ginet
10.30 BARREL Update by Robyn Millan
11.00 Collaboration Discussion

Possibilities for collaboration with DSX and BARREL

11.30 Lunch
1.00 Science Session 3 - Discussion leader Sasha Ukhorskiy

Empirical Magnetic Field Models. New features of empirical models to be implemented by the time of the RBSP mission. RBSP input to the development and improvement of empirical models. Science questions addressed with the combination of the RBSP data and empirical models.
What is the spatial and temporal variability of global current systems in the inner magnetosphere?
How does magnetic field vary at low-L shells?

3.15 Wrap-up

We will post the presentations in downloadable form on this website as we receive them. If you would like to have your presentations posted here, please contact Nicky Fox (Nicky.Fox@jhuapl.edu) or Dan Smith (Dan.Smith@jhuapl.edu) for instructions on how to upload your files to the drop box.