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\textquotedblleftSpacecraft Reveals Recent Geological Activity on the Moon\textquotedblright

Through a content analysis of 200 \textquotedbllefttweets,\textquotedblright this study was an exploration into the distinct features of text posted to NASA\textquoterights Twitter site and the potential for these posts to serve as more engaging scientific text than traditional textbooks for adolescents. Results of the content analysis indicated the tweets and linked texts on the NASA Twitter site were constructed primarily as a form of \textquotedblleftadapted primary literature\textquotedblright where science texts created ...

Lesley, Mellinee;

YEAR: 2014     DOI: 10.1002/jaal.2014.57.issue-510.1002/jaal.258

Adolescence; Content analyses; Content literacy; Digital/media literacies