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Generation of electromagnetic waves in the very low frequency band by velocity gradient

It is shown that a magnetized plasma layer with a velocity gradient in the flow perpendicular to the ambient magnetic field is unstable to waves in the Very Low Frequency band that spans the ion and electron gyrofrequencies. The waves are formally electromagnetic. However, depending on wave vector k⎯⎯=kc/ωpe (normalized by the electron skin depth) and the obliqueness, k⊥/k|| , where k⊥,|||| are wave vectors perpendicular and parallel to the magnetic field, the waves are closer to electrostatic in nature when k⎯⎯ ...

Ganguli, G.; Tejero, E.; Crabtree, C.; Amatucci, W.; Rudakov, L.;

YEAR: 2014     DOI: 10.1063/1.4862032

Electromagnetic wave