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Simulation of the outer radiation belt electron flux decrease during the March 26, 1995, magnetic storm

AuthorDesorgher, L.; ühler, P.; Zehnder, A.; ückiger, E.;
KeywordsMagnetopause Losses
AbstractIn this paper we study the variation of the relativistic electron fluxes in the Earth\textquoterights outer radiation belt during the March 26, 1995, magnetic storm. Using observations by the radiation environment monitor (REM) on board the space technology research vehicle (STRV-Ib), we discuss the flux decrease and possible loss of relativistic electrons during the storm main phase. In order to explain the observations we have performed fully adiabatic and guiding center simulations for relativistic equatorial electrons in the nonstationary Tsygarienko96 magnetospheric magnetic field model. In our simulations the drift of electrons through the magnetopause was considered as a loss process. We present our model results and discuss their dependence on the magnetospheric magnetic and electric field model, as well as on the prestorm fluxes used in the simulations.
Year of Publication2000
JournalJournal of Geophysical Research
Number of Pages21211
Date Published09/2000