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Radiation Belt Sessions at the Fall 2010 AGU

At the Fall 2010 AGU, the following SM sessions were presented. The detailed schedule can be found at

SM16: Radiation Belt Physics: Mysteries and Solutions

The fundamental processes that energize and transport highly energetic charged particles at Earth's radiation belts operate throughout the universe. While many key mechanisms important for particle acceleration in the belts have been identified, profound mysteries remain because existing observations are insufficient to resolve complex interactions governing the global state of the belts. We solicit papers that address mysteries of radiation belt physics and also encourage comparative analysis of radiation belt mechanisms at Earth and at other planets. Our goal is to identify the outstanding questions and challenges in radiation belt physics and to understand how to solve them with the upcoming missions and newly developed modeling tools. Conveners: Aleksandr Ukhorskiy and Nicola Fox

SM09: Inner Magnetospheric Response to High-Speed Streams

The interaction of high-speed streams with geospace is one of the closest phenomena to a repeatable experiment in space plasma physics. The solar wind has a characteristic progression as the structure passes by Earth, and the resulting geospace activity is remarkably similar from event to event (often with a ~solar rotation period recurrence). A distinguishing response is a rather weak ring current development yet often a strong radiation belt enhancement. This session solicits studies of the response of geospace, in particular the inner magnetosphere (the near-Earth plasma sheet, ring current, radiation belts, plasmasphere, ionosphere, and thermosphere), to high-speed solar wind streams. Conveners: Michael Liemohn, Vahe Peroomian and Natalia Ganushkina