RBSP Science Working Group Meeting 2011-10-20

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RBSP Science Working Group Meeting at APL

Thursday October 20, 2011

8:30 Science Discussion 1 - Discussion leader John Wygant

Are substorm injections important to the generation of the electron radiation belts? What role do they play? How do we test that role?

10:30 Team presentations (RPS, RBSPICE, EMFISIS, EFW, ECT)
1:00 Space Weather Processing - Discussion leader Michele Weiss
2:00 Science Discussion 2 - Discussion leaders Drew Turner with Robyn Millan and Paul O'Brien

The relative role of global and local loss mechanisms across the outer radiation belt; recent findings/understandings.

4:00 RBSP EPO Plans: Education and Public Outreach SWG Update, Alexandra Novak and Dawn Turney
4:15 Reports and discussions from Working Groups and paths forward

Friday October 21, 2011

8:30 RBSP Environmental Radiation Monitor (ERM), John Goldsten
9:00 RBSP Coordinates "CooCoo" Committee, Paul O'Brien
9:30 Science Data Products, Common Analysis Tools, and Collaboration - Discussion leader Robin Barnes
11:30 The Properties of Large Amplitude Whistler Mode Waves in the Magnetosphere: Propagation and Relationship with Geomagnetic Activity, Lynn Wilson
12:00 Wrap-up