RBSP SOC Workshops 2010-08-18

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RBSP SOC Splinter at APL

Wednesday August 18-19, 2010

9:00 Introduction and setup - Discussion leaders Rob Barnes & Scott Turner
9:30 SPICE Workshop Part 1 - Discussion leader Scott Turner

SPICE Overview
Getting and installing the toolkit
Simple getting started examples
Time Kernels - ephemeris time
Time conversion to and from MET to UTC
Frame Kernels
Coordinate transform overview
Specific coordinate transforms spacecraft to earth-centric etc.
Instrument kernels
Instrument pointing/coincidence
Advanced topics if we have time: dynamic coordinate transforms

11:00 SPICE Workshop Part 2 - Discussion leaders Scott Turner
12:00 Lunch
1:00 SPICE Workshop Part 3 - Discussion leader Scott Turner
3:00 Break
3:15 CDF Workshop Part 1 - Discussion leader Robert McGuire

What is CDF
Tools and services to work with data in CDF
How to design and generate a CDF file
Working with SPDF:

  • Data format validation and data deliveries
  • General SPDF Q&A
  • PRBEM extended metadata standards and tools
  • RBSP cases from the audience
5:00 Adjourn

Thursday August 19, 20010

9:00 CDF Workshop Part 2 - Discussion leader Robert McGuire
10:30 Break
10:45 ViRBO Workshop Part 1 - Discussion leaders Robert Weigel

ViRBO capabilities - an overview of what we will be doing in the next two years. What it can be used for now and the capabilities available at launch.
Creating and editing metadata
Creating data views with Autoplot - creating meta-data from data views and accessing data services including remote, ASCII and CDF files.
Metadata management tools - operation and capabilities of VxOWare Getting and running VxOWare and Autoplot in Eclipse

12:00 Lunch
12:45 ViRBO Workshop Part 2 - Discussion leader Robert Weigel
2:30 Workshop wrap-up
2:45 Adjourn