RBSP Science Working Group Meeting 2014-03-10

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RBSP Science Working Group, APL

Monday, March 10, 2014 (Team Meetings Only)


All day ECT Team Meeting

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 (Team Meetings/THEMIS SWG Only)


All day ECT Team Meeting
All day RBSPICE Team Meeting. Agenda can be found here.
Afternoon EFW Team Meeting
Afternoon THEMIS specific SWG

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


8:40 Data Access Assessment (Sibeck)
9:10 Status of Space Weather - displays, ground stations, how to better promote, the path forward (Barnes and Company)
9:30 Brief EPO report (Turney et al.)
9:45 Status of dynamic magnetic field modeling (Stephens et al.)
10:00 ERG Status and the ERG / Van Allen P. White Paper (Takahashi for Miyoshi / Takahashi)
10:20 Break
10:40 Brief report from BARREL (Millan / Halford)
11:00 Brief report from CubeSats (Li / Spence et al.)
11:20 Orbit evolutions and the incremental costs for making changes (Siddique / Sotirelis)
11:50 Spacecraft Diagnostics (Gerrard et al.)
12:15 Lunch
1:15 Workshop 1 Plenary
2:30 Break
2:45 Workshop 1 Splinter discussions
  • Injections from the plasma sheet to the inner magnetosphere: Coordinated studies with THEMIS, Van Allen Probes, and geosynchronous satellites (Gkioulidou / Malaspina).
    • Malaspina: Nonlinear electric fields in the inner magnetosphere and their relation to plasma sheet electrons.
    • Reeves: “Interesting Injection Observations”
  • Wave-particle interactions as evidenced in the THEMIS and Van Allen Probes observations (Fennell). Quantifying the properties of chorus emissions required to improve radiation belt modeling (Thorne). Properties of whistler-mode waves observed by Van Allen Probes and THEMIS and their effects on energetic electron dynamics (Li, Wen) THIS INCLUDES WHISTLERS AND EMIC WAVES (NOT ULF).
    • Chen: Role of lower hybrid resonance to relativistic electrons
    • Lee: EMIC wave generation in the presence of MLT-dependent cold ion species
    • Li, Wen: Wave normal distributions of whistler-mode waves using Van Allen Probes wave Data
    • Li, Wen: Investigation of plasma parameters determining the discrete and hiss-like emissions of whistler-mode waves using THEMIS data
    • Mithaiwala: Update on EMIC Waves
    • Thorne: The local excitation of unusual low frequency hiss in the plasmasphere
    • Thorne: The excitation mechanism of equatorial magneto sonic waves and their trapping in density structures
    • Wilson: Wave particle interactions in the terrestrial bow shock as observed by THEMIS.
    • Goldstein: Plasmaspheric modeling and EMFISIS comparisons
  • Inner zone electron and proton characteristics from the Van Allen Probes (Fennell). Inner zone characteristics (Jaynes). Pitch Angle Distribution of Relativistic Electrons In the Outer Belt, Slot Region, and Inner Belt (Li, Xinlin)
    • Claudepierre: Inner zone electrons (after a lot of work cleaning up the data)
    • Jaynes: Variability of the outer edge of the inner proton belt based on REPT observations
    • Li, Xinlin for Zhao: Peculiar Pitch Angle Distribution of Relativistic Electrons in the Slot Region and Inner Belt Newly Unveiled by Van Allen Probes/MagEIS Measurements.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


8:30 Achievements, publication status, Level-1 Compliance, any gaps (with discussion from all) (Kessel)
8:50 THEMIS/ARTEMIS: Recent Discoveries and Plans for the Future (Angelopoulos)
9:10 Brief introduction of plans for the Friday AM discussions on science and practicalities associated with extended missions, senior review, how to operate beyond 1 November 2014, other path forward issues. (Mauk)
9:20 Remarks from Dave Chanette
9:30 Workshop 2 Plenary
10:30 Break
10:45 Workshop 2 Splinter discussions
  • Response of the internal magnetosphere to external processes. Observations of the inner magnetosphere response to the strong SW shock of 8 Oct 2013 (Foster). Improve our understanding for the solar wind cause of storms, substorms, spaceweather issues etc (Zhou)
    • Foster: Observations of the inner magnetosphere response to the strong SW shock of 8 Oct 2013
    • Foster: Multiple asset observations of a plasmasheric erosion plume
    • Hwang: The global context of the November 14, 2012 storm event
  • Millan/Halford/Wygant: BARREL Splinter or Combine with Fennell’s “Wave Particle” Splinter.
    • Breneman, Aaron: Strong Correlations between RBSP Measured Hiss Fluctuations and Balloon Measured Energetic Electron Precipitation during the BARREL Campaign
  • Ring current ion morphology and lifetime measurements (Gerrard) Maybe add global electric fields?? Maybe include Storm Dynamics in General.
    • Gerrard: O+ lifetimes in the ring current at >200-KeV: Loss processes associated with spectrum hardness
    • Gerrard: Ring current He-ion morphology at >100-KeV
    • Gerrard, Manweiler, Armstrong: Ring current ion populations in conjunction with ACE observations
    • Li, Xinlin for Califf: The Quasi-electric Field in the Inner Magnetosphere Measured by THEMIS Probes.
    • Thaller, Scott: Large Scale Electric Fields During Storms: Plasmaspheric Response and Energetic Ion Injections (10-300 keV)”
  • Mozer/Wygant: Double Layer Splinter (Mozer / Wygant)
    • Mozer et al.: Update on Van Allen Probes discovered double layers.
    • Agapitov, Oleksiy: Detailed analysis of the data on Double Layers
1:45 Workshop 3 Plenary
2:45 Break
3:00 Workshop 3 Splinter discussions
  • Bow shock and response of the outer magnetosphere to external processes. (THEMIS contributions Inspired).
    • TBD: Possibly Wilson: Wave particle interactions in the terrestrial bow shock as observed by THEMIS.
  • Buildup and evolution of radiation belt electron seed population (Lui). Role of seed populations to relativistic electron enhancements (Spence). Spatial and temporal variability of plasma distributions using the multipoint observations that are now available to us (Reeves).
    • Boyd: Relationship between increases in the relativistic electrons and increases in the seed population and chorus wave activity
    • Jahn: Nightside thermal plasma composition during storms from November 2012 through July 2013. (HOPE observations)
    • Li, Wen: Radiation Belt Electron Acceleration by Chorus Waves During the 17 March 2013 Storm
    • Li, Xinlin for Schiller: Conjunctive Measurements of Outer Radiation Belt Electrons by Van Allen and THEMIS Probes ==> the Source Location.
    • Li, Zhao: Using THEMIS statistical model as outer boundary for radial diffusion calculation
  • Understanding rapid dropouts of radiation belt intensities during main phase of CME-driven storms (March 17, 2013 event) (Ukhorskiy) Maybe expand to include distribution and redistribution of radiation belts
    • Baker: The fingerprints of radial diffusion versus local acceleration of outer zone relativistic electrons using phase space density profiles
    • Henderson: Long term evolution of gradients and peaks in PSD from ECT.
  • ULF Waves
    • Li, Xinlin for Sarris: ULF Power Spectrum in the Inner Magnetosphere Measured by Van Allen and THEMIS Probes.
    • Motoba: ULF activity maps as a visualization tool supporting Van Allen/THEMIS probes
    • Urban: Ground-based ULF observations associated with Zebra-stripe events

Friday, March 14, 2014


Morning Reports from Splinter Sessions (1 hour)
Morning Discussions on several Van Allen Probes issues
12:00 Adjourn