Van Allen Probes SWG Meeting 21-23 August 2018

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Van Allen Probes Instrument Team Meetings/SWG Meeting 21-23 August 2018 NJIT, Newark, NJ

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Welcome. Mission Status
  • Welcome to NJIT - Andrew Gerrard
  • Welcome to Van Allen Probes 2018 SWG: Sasha Ukhorskiy
  • Mission Update: Nelofar Mosavi
  • Spacecraft Operations/Telemetry/Fuel/EoM Update: Sasha/Nelofar
Mission Updates
Plasma Waves, Wave-Particle Interactions, and their role in RB Particle Dynamics

Thursday, August 23, 2018

External Drivers and Dipolarization Fronts
Relativistic Particles and Additional Talks
  • Observations of Trapped Ultrarelativistic Electrons With RPS (Mark Looper)
  • Three presentations by (Seth Claudepierre)
    1. Neural network radiation belt model
    2. MagEIS histogram fluxes
    3. Update on MagEIS 1-20 MeV protons
  • Dynamics of ultrarelativistic electrons in the radiation belts (Yuri Shprits)
  • Test Particle/SDE Simulations of Local Acceleration and Loss in Global MHD (Scot Elkington)
  • Intercalibration between HOPE and RBSPICE for Protons (Jerry Manweiler)
SWG Phase F Planning