Magnetic Footprint

Van Allen Probes: Magnetic Footprint

The foot prints plotted below are taken from the magnetic ephemerides files produced for the Van Allen Probes mission by the ECT SOC at LANL. The ephemerides are produced from both the predicted spacecraft ephemerides and from the definitive ephemerides when they become available. The magnetic foot prints are calculated using a variety of geophysical models that have been agreed upon by the Science Working Group.

You can use the widget below to select the time, projection and various aspects of the foot print plot, including the model used to trace the foot print. A link is provided to the original ephemerides file for the day of interest along with KML files that can be used with Google Earth.

Clicking on one of the six panels below will switch to an enlarged plot that can be downloaded as either a PNG or PDF. When using these plots, please acknowledge the ECT SOC at LANL.

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