DATA: Data Policy

As part of the development of collaboration with the broader Heliophysics community, the mission has drafted a "Rules of the Road" to govern how Van Allen Probes instrument data is used.

Van Allen Probes Mission Rules of the Road for Data Usage

  1. The Principal Investigator (PI) for each instrument/investigation shall make all scientific data products available to the public, as stated in the Van Allen Probes Science Data Management Plan.
  2. Data products requiring significant data analysis will be made available at a best level effort.
  3. Users should consult with the relevant PI or their designates to discuss the appropriate use of instrument data or analysis results and to ensure that the Users are accessing the most recent available versions of the data and analysis routines. Such resources as Investigation SOC Web Sites, the Van Allen Probes Gateway, the NASA CDAWeb, and such virtual observatories (VO’s) as VIRBO can help facilitate  such consultations.
  4. Users should heed the caveats of investigators to the interpretation and limitations of data or model results. Specific information on issues and latest data can be found on the instrument web sites, but PI’s or their designates should be contacted where uncertainties exist. The highest version numbers of data should always be used, and noted in case of later updates.
  5. Browse products are not intended for science analysis or publication and should not be used for those purposes without consent of the PI.
  6. Users should acknowledge the sources of data used in all publications, presentations and reports.
    "We acknowledge the NASA Van Allen Probes and [PI name] for use of data." (ECT: Harlan E. Spence (University of New Hampshire), EFW: John Wygant (University of Minnesota), EMFISIS: Craig Kletzing (University of Iowa), RBSPICE: Louis Lanzerotti (New Jersey Institute of Technology), PSBR/RPS: David Byers (National Reconnaissance Office) and Joseph Mazur (Aerospace Corporation)
  7. Users are requested to provide relevant PI’s a copy of each manuscript that uses their instrument/investigation data upon submission of that manuscript for consideration of publication. On publication, the citation should be transmitted to the PI and any other providers of data.