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README file for release of AeroCube-6 CDF files
June 2021

Each AeroCube-6 vechicle carries three dosimeters measuring electrons
with energies from about 43 keV to about 830 keV and protons with
enegies ranging from 370 keV to 12 MeV.

The data are described in TOR-2016-01155, and the sensors are described in TOR-2017-02598.

Contact: Paul O'Brien, The Aerospace Corporation

The daily CDF files were created from daily CSV files described in TOR-2016-01155.

Each CDF was created by combining 3 1-second CSV files (survey, coordinates, attitude) and one 10 Hz CSV file.

Variables from the 10 Hz CSV file were given a _10Hz suffix.

The following CSV variables were combined into CDF vector variables:

X_GEO, Y_GEO, Z_GEO -> XYZ_GEO (Spacecraft position in GEO system)
Bx_GEO, By_GEO, Bz_GEO -> Bxyz_GEO (Magnetic field in GEO system)
OmegaX_GEO, OmegaY_GEO, OmegaZ_GEO -> OmegaXYZ_GEO (Spacecraft spin axis in GEO system)


AeroCube-6 Dosimeter Data README (v3.0), Aerospace Report
No. TOR-2016-01155, The Aerospace Corporation, March 4, 2016, El
Segundo, CA.

AeroCube-6 Dosimeter Equivalent Energy Thresholds and Flux Conversion
Factors, Aerospace Report No. TOR-2017-02598, The Aerospace
Corporation, July 1, 2019, El Segundo, CA.

Technical reports can be obtained from






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