J.L. Roeder

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O\textquoterightBrien, T. P., Claudepierre, S. G., Looper, M. D., Blake, J. B., Fennell, J. F., Clemmons, J. H., et al. (2015). On the use of drift echoes to characterize on-orbit sensor discrepancies. Journal Of Geophysical Research: Space Physics. http://doi.org/10.1002/2014JA020859 (Original work published 02/2015AD)
Skov, M., Fennell, J. F., Roeder, J. L., Blake, J. B., & Claudepierre, S. G. (2015). Internal Charging Hazards in Near-Earth Space during Solar Cycle 24 Maximum: Van Allen Probes Measurements. In . Pasadena, California: JPL. http://doi.org/10.1109/TPS.2015.2468214 (Original work published 09/2015AD)