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Signature modeling for LWIR spectrometer

Hyperspectral longwave infrared (LWIR) is used for a variety of targets such as gases and solids with the advantage of day or night data collections. A longwave infrared system must have the ability to convert the radiance data it measures to emissivity prior to running a detection algorithm, commonly called a temperature-emissivity separation (TES) algorithm. Key parts of this TES algorithm are accounting for the reflected down-welling radiation from the atmosphere, upwelling background radiance removal, and most importantly determining the temperature of the material. Accounting for these environmental conditions allows for the data to be processed in emissivity to be used in the detection algorithm. The processed data also allows a baseline to determine where key features exist in the signatures collected. In this paper a new method is introduced to process field collected signatures gathered using the Design \& Prototypes microFTIR Model 102. The issue addressed here is calculating the collected signature from radiance to emissivity using a new technique for estimating the surface temperature of the collected sample. The key component of the TES was created to ensure the collected spectra are processed in emissivity space at a quality that is suitable for the detection library on air and ground LWIR systems.

Firpi, Alexer; Oxenrider, Jason; Ramachandran, Vignesh; Mitchell, Herbert; Tzeng, Nigel; Rodriguez, Benjamin;

Published by:       Published on: 03/2014

YEAR: 2014     DOI: 10.1109/AERO.2014.6836439

hyperspectral imaging; infrared imaging; infrared spectrometers; radiance data conversion