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Triggered Plasmaspheric Hiss: Rising Tone Structures

AuthorZhu, Hui; Liu, Xu; Chen, Lunjin;
KeywordsPlasmaspheric Hiss; Radiation belts; Rising tone structure; Van Allen Probes
AbstractIn this study, a rare hiss event observed by Van Allen Probe is reported and the possible generation is investigated based on wave and plasma measurements. The results suggest that the normal hiss (from 0.05fce to 0.5fce) with dominantly equatorward Poynting fluxes is locally generated by plasma sheet electrons via cyclotron instability. The low-frequency band (from 30 Hz to 0.05fce) with a mixture of equatorward and poleward Poynting fluxes is probably due to multiple reflections inside the plasmasphere. Such difference in the two bands is confirmed by the calculation of minimum energy of resonant electrons and local growth rate. Moreover, the analysis on the fine structures of normal hiss waves shows that besides the expected incoherent structure (below 1 kHz), several rising tone elements are measured above 1 kHz. The rising tone structures are probably triggered by the incoherent hiss part below 1 kHz, which is rarely reported before.
Year of Publication2019
JournalGeophysical Research Letters
Number of Pages
Date Published05/2019