SWG Telecons

3 Apr 2015    
17 Apr 2015  Gkioulidou, et.al. Persistent pressure belt of high-energy (>100 keV) ions and its implications for the inner magnetosphere dynamics
1 May 2015 Zhao, et. al. The evolution of ring current ion energy density and spectrum during geomagnetic storms based on Van Allen Probes measurements
29 May 2015 Baker  
12 June 2015 Kanekal, et. al. Observation of Prompt Energization to ultra relativistic energies by interplanetary shock
26 June 2015 Agapitov Nonlinear bursts of electric field – Time Domain Structures
10 July 2015 Thaller The large scale convection electric field, ring current energization, and plasmasphere erosion in the June 1, 2013 storm
29 July 2015    
21 August 2015 Hospodarsky, et. al. EMFISIS-Waves August 2015 Lapping Barrel Sweden Campaign
Millan BARREL Sweden Campaign
18 September 2015 Goldstein 17 March 2015 Storm
 2 October 2015 Crabtree, et. al. Application of Advanced Spectral Techniques to EMFISIS Burst Mode Waveform Data
30 October 2015 Foster, et. al. The Role of VLF Transmitters in Limiting the Earthward Penetration of Ultra-Relativistic Electrons in the Radiation Belts
13 November 2015 Reeves, et. al. Energy Dependent Dynamics of keV and MeV Electrons in the Slot and Inner Zone
4 December 2015 Li, et. al. Radiation Belt Electron Dynamics During the March 17 2015 Geomagnetic Storm: Observations and Simulations
Stephens and Ukhorskiy Supporting Van Allen Probes science with the TS07D magnetic field model: Nowcasting electron intensities, global magnetic field distribution, and magnetic field ephemeris
8 January 2016 Kistler Comparing Sources of the Storm-Time Ring Current O+
22 January 2016 Westlake, et. al. The Permeability of the Magnetopause:  Coincident observations of an energetic particle injection from RBSPICE and MMS-EIS from within the magnetosphere and in the magnetosheath
5 February 2016 Chen, et. al. Modulation of chorus wave intensity by ULF waves from Van Allen Probes Observation 
19 February 2016 Blum Spatial, temporal, and coherence scales of EMIC waves as observed by the Van Allen Probes
4 Mar 2016 O'Brien Inner Zone electron radial diffusion coefficients--An update with Van Allen Probes MagEIS data
Spence Focused Investigations of Relativistic Electron Burst Intensity, Range, and Dynamics (FIREBIRD)
18 Mar 2016 Goldstein The Relationship Between the Plasmapause and Outer Belt Electrons
Usanova Van Allen Probes Observations of Oxygen Cyclotron Harmonic Waves in the Inner Magnetosphere
27 May 2016 Holzworth How does Lightning Affect the Magnetosphere?
19 Aug 2016 Hospodarsky August 2016 Lapping
Millan BARREL Aug 2016
Turner MMS and Van Allen Probes conjunctions
16 Sep 2016 Kletzing Whistler Wave Energy Flow in the Plasmasphere: A Source fpr Heating?
14 Oct 2016 Li Properties and Generation of Oblique Whistler-Mode Chorus Waves
31 Mar 2017 DePascuale Validating Equatorial Plasmasphere Simulations with the Van Allen Probes
28 Apr 2017 Takahashi ULF waves at Van Allen Probes (and possibly at Arase)
Crabtree Self-Consistent Hamiltonian Modeling of Nonlinear Wave Particle Interactions: Applications to Chorus
22 Sep 2017 Aaron Breneman Observations directly linking relativistic electron microbursts to whistler mode chorus: Van Allen Probes and FIREBIRD II
Joe Fennell (MagEIS)
Matina Gkioulidou (RBSPICE)
Shri Kanekal (REPT)
Joe Mazur (RPS)
John Wygant (EFW)
Kris Sigsbee (EMFISIS)
06 Oct 2017 Aaron Breneman Observations directly linking relativistic electron microbursts to whistler mode chorus: Van Allen Probes and FIREBIRD II
17 Nov 2017 Michael Hartinger Update on RBSP-Cluster-THEMIS-Geotail-PFISR conjunction 2 May 2017, ~04:00-08:00 II
David Malaspina A census of plasma waves and structures associated with an injection front in the inner magnetosphere
12 Dec 2017 Solène Lejosne Energetic Electron Injections Deep Into The Inner Magnetosphere: a Result of the SubAuroral Polarization Stream (SAPS) Potential Drop