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Lower hybrid frequency range waves generated by ion polarization drift due to electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves: Analysis of an event observed by the Van Allen Probe B

AuthorKhazanov, G.; Boardsen, S.; Krivorutsky, E.; Engebretson, M.; Sibeck, D.; Chen, S.; Breneman, A.;
Keywordsnonlinear phenomena; parametric processes; Van Allen Probes; wave/wave interactions
AbstractWe analyze a wave event that occurred near noon between 07:03 and 07:08 UT on 23 February 2014 detected by the Van Allen Probes B spacecraft, where waves in the lower hybrid frequency range (LHFR) and electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves are observed to be highly correlated, with Pearson correlation coefficient of ~0.86. We assume that the correlation is the result of LHFR wave generation by the ions\textquoteright polarization drift in the electric field of the EMIC waves. To check this assumption the drift velocities of electrons and H+, He+, and O+ ions in the measured EMIC wave electric field were modeled. Then the LHFR wave linear instantaneous growth rates for plasma with these changing drift velocities and different plasma compositions were calculated. The time distribution of these growth rates, their frequency distribution, and the frequency dependence of the ratio of the LHFR wave power spectral density (PSD) parallel and perpendicular to the ambient magnetic field to the total PSD were found. These characteristics of the growth rates were compared with the corresponding characteristics of the observed LHFR activity. Reasonable agreement between these features and the strong correlation between EMIC and LHFR energy densities support the assumption that the LHFR wave generation can be caused by the ions\textquoteright polarization drift in the electric field of an EMIC wave.
Year of Publication2017
JournalJournal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics
Number of Pages449-463
Date Published01/2017