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Internal Charging Hazards in Near-Earth Space during Solar Cycle 24 Maximum: Van Allen Probes Measurements

AuthorSkov, Mulligan; Fennell, J.F.; Roeder, J.L.; Blake, J.B.; Claudepierre, S.G.;
KeywordsVan Allen Probes
AbstractThe Van Allen Probes mission provides an unprecedented opportunity to make detailed measurements of electrons and protons in the inner magnetosphere during the weak solar maximum period of cycle 24. Data from the MagEIS suite of sensors measures energy spectra, fluxes, and yields electron deposition rates that can cause internal charging. We use omni-directional fluxes of electrons and protons to calculate the dose under varying materials and thicknesses of shielding (similar to Fennell et al., 2010). We show examples of charge deposition rates during times of nominal and high levels of penetrating fluxes in the inner magnetosphere covering the period from late 2012 through 2013. These charge deposition rates are related to charging levels quite possibly encountered by shielded dielectrics with different resistivity. Temporal profiles showing the long-term long charge deposition-rate and estimated charge density levels are an indicator of the level of internal charging rates that satellites in the inner magnetosphere could experience. These results are compared to charge densities that can induce internal ESD (IESD).
Year of Publication2015
Number of Pages
Date Published09/2015