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Radial Diffusion of Outer-Zone Electrons: An Empirical Approach to Third-Invariant Violation

AuthorLanzerotti, L.; Maclennan, C.; Schulz, Michael;
KeywordsRadial Transport
AbstractThe near-equatorial fluxes of outer-zone electrons (E>0.5 Mev and E>1.9 Mev) measured by an instrument on the satellite Explorer 15 following the geomagnetic storm of December 17\textendash18, 1962, are used to determine the electron radial diffusion coefficients and electron lifetimes as functions of L for selected values of the conserved first invariant \textmu. For each value of \textmu, the diffusion coefficient is assumed to be time-independent and representable in the form D = DnLn. The diffusion coefficients and lifetimes are then simultaneously obtained by requiring that the L-dependent reciprocal electron lifetime, as determined from the Fokker-Planck equation, deviate minimally from a constant in time. Applied to the data, these few assumptions yield a value of D that is smaller by approximately a factor of 10 than the value recently found by Newkirk and Walt in a separate analysis of 1.6-Mev electron data obtained during the same time period on another satellite. The electron lifetimes are found to be strong functions of L, with 4- to 6-day lifetimes observed at the higher L values (4.6\textendash4.8).
Year of Publication1970
JournalJournal of Geophysical Research
Number of Pages5351-5371
Date Published10/1970