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Use of this data is subject to the RULES OF THE ROAD listed below:


AeroCube-6 (AC6) Dosimeter Data Release

The AC6 Dosimeter data are approved for public release. We ask that you coordinate your study with the instrument team listed below. This coordination will ensure proper considerations for data quality and avoid duplication among related studies.



The AC6 Dosimeter Team:

Bern Blake (link sends e-mail)

Drew Turner (link sends e-mail)

Paul O'Brien (link sends e-mail)




A README file is also included:

TOR-2016-01155_AeroCube-6_Dosimeter_Data_README_v3.0.pdf - Mission and data contents description.

TOR-2017-02598 - AeroCube-6 Dosimeter Equivalent Energy Thresholds and Flux Conversion Factors.pdf - Bowtie analysis to support converting dosimeter count rates to particle fluxes.

TOR-2016-03260_-_Updated_Geant4_Simulations_of_AeroCube_6_Microdosimeters.pdf - Description of the Geant4 response simulations.

Other related files